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2004 Hack Attack Golf Club Survey – Summary of Responses


Of the 44 members that were emailed the 2004 Hack Attack Golf Club Survey, responses were received from 72.7% (32) of the members.  This was an excellent response to the survey and the Hack Attack Golf Club Officers want to thank those that responded for the time and effort you took to complete the survey.  As mentioned previously, the purpose of this survey was to gather information to help us answer the question of whether or not we want the Hack Attack Golf Club to continue to exist and if so, what can we all do to make our golf club better.  Based on the information received, the Hack Attack Golf Club Officers will evaluate and incorporate, as appropriate, changes that reflect the voice of its membership.  The following is a summary of the responses to the survey:




·        90.6% of the responses were from members that play in at least 3 tourneys/year

·        There was a unanimous response from the members that the number of tourneys/year was appropriate (100%)

·        40.6% of the responses would prefer that the tourney be held on Saturday, while another 40.6% felt that either day was OK (Saturday or Sunday)

·        There was an overwhelming response that members that do not play in a particular tourney do so primarily due to a schedule conflict or family reasons, second most popular reason was due to injury or ailment, and third most popular reason was that the tourney was too far to drive to

·        There was a relatively even distribution of the reasons given for playing in a particular tourney which included challenging course, course condition, new (to me) course, scenic course, and nearby course

·        81.3% of the responses want to continue to have a 2-day “Go-Away” tourney, while 52.0% of those responses would like to change the month of the “Go-Away” (July was the overwhelming choice)

·        53.1% of the responses indicated that they would be interested in helping out the Hack Attack with some of the duties with a relatively even distribution among all of the duties listed (all duties were covered)




·        96.9% of the responses felt that the membership fee is appropriate

·        The majority of the responses felt that the Hack Attack should actively pursue getting more new members into the club (67.9%)

·        93.8% of the responses felt that the green fees are generally appropriate, while 90.6% of the responses received indicated members would be willing to pay higher green fees for the opportunity of playing better courses

·        90.6% of the responses felt that the other fees (“pots fees”) are appropriate, while 65.6% would be willing to pay higher pots fees

·        46.9% just want to play some golf, drink beer, and not be bothered with these surveys (hopefully not entirely true!)